Logo of One Strong Voice ... of the disability community
One Strong Voice ... of the disability community
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One Strong Voice:

Is a cohesive group of advocates who have joined together to create solidarity in messaging about disability issues. We have created multiple statewide messages that address Quality, Choice, Real & Meaningful Engagement, Data and Care Coordination.

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One Strong Voice ~ Our Purpose:


The purpose of our coalition is to improve our effectiveness as a disability community by assuring consistent messaging by different groups in different settings.    We believe that by working together we can:

  • Assure consistent messages of PWD and advocates
  • Harness power of disability community
  • Better use of our time and energy by effective communication
  • Take control to change the narrative about how we are talked about
  • Show and model respect--work in a way we want to see the professionals work, making it about the issue not the money or the recognition
  • Make contribution as community
  • Work as a team on issues of common concern without giving up individual or organizational autonomy


One Strong Voice does not oppose or support issues or bills.  However individuals and organizations involved with One Strong Voice will only support public policies including but not limited to rules, laws, and programs that demonstrate the following principles: A YES answer to each question is required for our support:

  1. Does this action promote strategies that enable people with disabilities to live in their community?
  2. Does this action assure and promote leadership by people with disabilities and their families?
  3. Does this action provide opportunities for people with disabilities and their families that allow them to be equitable partners in collaboration, innovation and solutions at all stages of program development and implementation?
  4. Does this action support the contribution of people with disabilities and their families?
  5. Does this action represent that people with disabilities and their families are effective stewards of public resources?


One Strong Voice will also actively oppose any program that fails to actively demonstrate these principles.